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Intro to Chalkboard Lettering with Lavelle Lettering

£ 50.00

In this workshop, you will learn all about the tools and techniques needed to create stylish lettering on chalkboards.

This relaxing and fun class is suitable for beginners and those who may have some calligraphy knowledge. Perfect for those wanting to DIY their own wedding signs, spruce up their business boards, or just learn a new skill to use time and time again. All the materials will be provided, and you’ll receive your own chalkboard and tools to take home to carry on your lettering journey. Refreshments are included, as well as the opportunity to view the wonderful gardens at Vintage & Flowers and a look around Vintage Franglais for French Vintage!



Book direct with http://www.lavellelettering.com

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In this workshop, you will learn all about the tools and techniques needed to create stylish lettering on chalkboards.


COVID-19 Terms

The following precautions are in place to ensure that our classes are as safe as possible:

  • Workshop sizes are limited in accordance to the rule of 6 in line with government guidelines.
  • The workshop will be held mainly outside or in well ventilated out buildings.
  • A compulsory booking system is in place to ensure the right amount of people in the workshop.
  • Attendees will be provided with their own set of equipment to remove risks from shared equipment.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to use on entry and exit of all of the buildings.
  • Masks are worn when entering and exiting the class (but not during class)
  • Contact details of those who have attended each class are kept for a short period to allow for track and trace should the need arise (please inform me if you receive a positive test result and you have recently attended one of my classes)
  • Please do not attend class if you feel unwell, especially if you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 (Fever, Cough, Loss of taste or smell)
  • Please do not attend class if you have recently visited a high-risk country/ UK local lockdown area (as set out by the government).
  • Please do not congregate or socialize in groups of more than six before or after classes.
  • If restrictions change in anyway and the session has to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund.






Additional information


15th July 10.30am

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